Dianne Collier

email: dicollier@hotmail.com

phone: 07 5494 4552

Di is a trans-disciplinary artist who lives on her forest retreat in the headwaters of the Mary River, Conondale.  She cherishes her peace and isolation as a source of creative inspiration. This connection to the environment and place have a figure strongly in her work.  Her work is also influenced by her natural spirit of adventure and curiosity which has led her to travel extensively to explore new places and experiences.

Di has been a performer and actor since the early 1980s. Visual arts came into her life later when she studied at university and TAFE. She has trained in painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography. More recently she has encompassed print making into her practice. She mostly makes gelliprints, monoprints and cyanotypes which don’t require a press and have a playful and unpredictable nature.

If you like her work and would like to purchase please contact her via the links above.