Jennifer Eurell

Jennifer Eurell




phone: 0401018576

Printmaking came into Jennifer Eurell’s life in 2005 when, almost on a whim, she enrolled at CQTAFE, Rockhampton, to study for a Diploma in Visual Art with a major in printmaking which introduced her to linocut and etching. Jennifer had been dabbling in art for years but found that she enjoyed this more serious look at it, so by 2016 she had also completed a Degree in Fine Art through Curtin University. In her last year of study she moved to Mapleton and bought her own printing press. 


She is a mixed media artist working with printmaking, painting, photography, cyanotype and hand sewing – enjoying using different media for their own sake, and at other times mixing them.


Some of her work stems from a 13 year circumnavigation in a yacht, others from her more domestic side where she says, “I feel my dressmaker mother is looking over my shoulder”. Jennifer also has a love of nature, repetition, shapes and the decorative, but it is the joy of creativity that binds theme and media together.  

If you like her work and would like to purchase please contact her via the links above.