Neville is a Glasshouse Mountains artist who exhibits nationally and internationally. He works primarily with printmaking and specialises in linoprints. He also expresses his imaginings by creating handmade Artists Books which are held in various collections in Australia and overseas.

Neville’s art is sometimes landscape, sometimes whimsical and most times thought provoking as he explores the chiaroscuro of black & white prints, or he splashes into vibrant colour.

"It all begins with a drawing which for me is a means of toying with ideas. Drawing allows me to imagine concepts and explore specks of notions and layouts or trains of thought and the use of space relationships"

Fifteen years in Northern Territory heavily influenced his art. From working in several remote Indigenous art centres to experiencing distance and solitude, Neville has honed his perceptions of space and human impact while he thinks he has come to better appreciate nature.