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Nicky was born in Dublin Ireland and graduated from the National College of Art & Design in Dublin in 1997. He first exhibited in 1982 and had several exhibitions in Dublin and Belfast. His work was featured in "The Buyers Guide to Irish Art" as an emerging artist in 2000. Nicky came to Brisbane Australia in 2007 and moved to Maleny in 2017 where the landscape reminds him of his home country and has inspired in his new works a more colourfully whimsical approach

In Nicky's work he delves into the realms of real and imaginary, forcing an interaction of the two, there is always a confrontation within each work. His imagery explores the underworld of the night and unconscious dreams, bringing them forth into the consciousness of the day. Nicky has tried to mesh all of these concepts into his work, like the dreams, from which they are partly derived

Nicky's works endeavour to retain his childhood vision of the world. But they are not childish, infantile nor immature. Within the works are figures and events that are mainly derived from Freudian and Jungian psychology. They show a raw, comical, & sardonic intensity of an unflinching view of the human psyche.

Birds appear numerous times in his works. They represent freedom, death, voice messengers, or protectors. Cats also appear many times. They relate to the mysterious, aloof and unknown.

The human presence in the works are a celebration of memories of childhood experiences. The day to day living, life & death experiences, and other emotional states relating to human existence and behaviour

The stories told in the works can have many different meanings to the individual. Nicky only suggests a starting point for the viewer to relate their own story and meaning

He uses numerous mediums including print making (etching, lino print and monotype print), painting in watercolour and acrylic, or combinations of these, ceramics and sculpture