Sylvia life exprience have been extensive driven her to the concerns of our current global environmental and social issues we face today has influced her perspective on life and the way she sees the world.

Her works have been exhibited nationaly and intertnationaly primerly are printmaking and conceptually based. Her university training in visual arts is practised from the traditional methods to experimental. Throughout her artistic practise she works with a verity of material, currently working with stone Lithography.

Born in Egypt of Armenian pearents, her father worked in Egypt, London and Sydney her schooling was spent in England. Sylvia married and had her own family, lived in Newport NSW Australia. City life took a turn to country living the family lived in an alternative life style. She lived and taught in Byron shire, Tweed shire and rurale areas of NSW, TAS & QLD. Now lives on her son’s property the Blackall Ranges Qld.